Topic outline

  • Background information

    • The youtube user Edventure Frome posted this video with the title "Remakery Frome". Edventure is an organisation that helps people develop business projects to benefit their community - the town of Frome in Somerset. Frome has become well known in Britain as one of the best places to live in the country, where a number of interesting community initiatives have developed. The Remakery is one of these.

      What motivates the speaker to participate in this community enterprise?

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  • Listen and make notes

    Try to answer the question: What motivates the speaker to participate in the "bare threads" workshop?

  • Understanding the ideas

  • Business English

  • NAWL

    • There are three NAWL words in this excerpt: "sustainable", "fibres" (or "fibers" in the American spelling) and "conscious".