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The process of moving the legal ownership of a piece of land or a building from one person to another



if something is "cryptic" it probably has hidden meaning, it is difficult to understand.

We often talk about "cryptic crosswords" a kind of puzzle where you have to interpret the question correctly to find the answer.

see the course CS50's Introduction to Computer Science



The empiricist philosophers, such as Locke, Berkeley and Hume, thought that thinking on its own was not enough to be sure that an idea is true or real. For them, the best way of finding truth is using your senses and doing experiments. 

Course - "the idea of redness"



A fee is the money paid for a service. We talk about "legal fees" (paid to a lawyer) as well as "tuition fees" (paid to a school or university).

course -



A fresco is a painting on a wall, made using a special technique. The colours are mixed with plaster to make a smooth surface.

Course - "5500 BC the first city"


hunting and gathering

before the invention of agriculture, human beings moved across the landscape and collected food by gathering anything that they could eat. They would trap or hunt animals for food.

Course - "5500 BC the first city"



a justification is a good reason or explanation for something. Often it is connected with an action where there are moral or political arguments against it.



This is a device for inputting into a computer:

Chinese computer keyboard Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) by Bev Sykes in flickr.

The same word could also be used to refer to a musical instrument:

someone playing a keyboard instrument.from PxHere



litigation is the process of solving a legal dispute where the case will be decided in a court of law. The field is divided into criminal and civil litigation.

course -



a loop happens when something flexible goes back in a circle and crosses or touches a part of itself:

a loop of string

(picture from )

In computer programming, a "loop" is a function that continues repeating until a particular condition is completed.

see course CS50 introduction to computer science:

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