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  • Background information

    • This is part of a longer lecture called “What is the point of commercial law?”.

      You can find the whole thing on youtube if you search for "The fourth Jonathan Hirst QC Commercial Law Lecture".

      Lord Leggatt is explaining that there are two kinds of substantive problem that commercial law needs to solve.

      (a) whether there is a contract that should be enforced.


      (b) gaps in the contract.

      But why are there always gaps in a contract? Your first task is to listen and find out the two reasons...

      (clue: it's not because of bad work by lawyers)

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  • Listen and make notes

    Try to answer the question: Why are there always gaps in a contract?

  • Understanding the ideas

  • Legal English

  • NAWL

    • There are two NAWL words in this excerpt: "elaborate" and "transaction".